How to improve your Shopify website in 2023

When it comes to improve your shopify website, many factors need to be considered for doing so. Every website uses its own tactics to increase the traffic on their page. But to stay on the top, we need some some unique tactics. Today we shall tell you the secrets of online business. So get ready with pen and paper or open your notes to copy down these techniques. Lets begin with it!
1. Search Engine Optimization
It is one of the most used technique by business owners. It is shown that 33% first clicks go on the first page of google than on the rest pages of google.

For having a strong SEO you need to have an effective keyword research ,so the customers see your page first when typing for the product they are looking for than the competitors. It should be of a good quality content so that it is understood by the user and by google also.

You should have a strong meta description as well which is under the title. SEO helps you build your brand. You can choose keywords that go in line with the image of the brand that you want to create.

You should create content in needs and interests of your audience. This way your branding will be visible on internet and help it with your target audience. It helps you boost your credibility.

When your site is at a high rank, it shows your site is of a good quality and it is trustworthy and if you improve your research on keywords and content then, you will be at a higher rank than what you are already at.

As the environment keeps changing constantly, it is tough to stay at top position but with the help of SEO you can stay because you know the environment of internet well. You know the tactics used by locals and your competitors and thus you stay at the top rank.

One of the biggest advantages of SEO is that it does not involve paying for ad spaces as google algorithm thinks it adds value to consumers. So you earn without even paying any money.

SEO helps you increase the organic search engine optimization traffic as daily the number of visitors seeing your site is increased and thus the sales go high.

It helps you to stay ahead of your competitors because you are ranked high and the click on your targeted keywords earn more than your competitors because of the result page. If you have a useful website so people will likely spend more time on it and thus increasing the user engagement rate.

SEO helps you to virtually measure all aspects about your business as you can use google analytics to monitor your traffic, conversions and other aspects about your business. This helps you to track what works for your business and what does not works so you can allocate your budget properly.
Coming up with slogans can be a cumbersome process at times and also not very effective; that’s why it is advised to take inspiration before coming up with a slogan or a tagline.
2 Strong Copy Writing
Your website needs to have a good and effective copy writing so your information is well delivered to the customers, as your way of presenting the content plays a crucial role.

You need to use a catchy tagline to hook your customer and keep posting fresh content so new customers are also attracted to your website. Also, the old ones will see something new and will continue to be loyal to your website.

When customers see your site, it should not look you are selling for only earning money but to solve their problems. It should look that you are concerned about them and your product will benefit them. This can only be done with having interesting and effective copy writing for your website.
3 Detailed Product Description
The customer needs to know all the aspects about the product. It helps them to take decisions quickly and helps to increase customer loyalty.

It is important to have power words that will help you sell your product, good images about product, a natural tone that it looks realistic and more appealing, benefits of your product. All this will help you boost conversion rates.

It will also strengthen your brand`s voice and enhance trustworthiness among customers. For example, a fashion brand mentions the height and weight of the model wearing the outfit, it gets easier for the customer to compare the same for themselves and buying clothes.
4 Use Logo and Favicon
A favicon is a short form of a favourite icon. Logo and favicon both helps to identify your brand in a cluster of the tabs open. It helps to stand out from your competitors. A favicon helps you in brand positioning.

It helps you gain more visibility ,traffic and customers will remember your brand. Logo helps you build a good social presence.

A favicon helps you to be bookmarked by chrome. Being bookmarked helps you to stand out. A logo should be when communicating through the customers in emails, newsletters and campaigns.

This way it helps the customers to know who they are speaking with and adds trustworthiness about the company. A favicon helps to make your company look legitimate to the consumers.
5 Add SMS Marketing
Like other marketing techniques, sms is also very important. Messages are opened within the first 90 seconds of it receiving to the customer.

It will help to pursue the customer. Where the email marketing has an open average rate of 18% , there sms marketing has a 98% of open average rate.

Ubiquity of phones play an important role as you can include a link in your text which increases engagement rate.Sms on its own is good but also effective to integrate with other channels, for eg- you can send a reminder through sms to open email and opening rate of email can also gradually increases.

It is great for emerging markets who cannot invest that much money right now, can use sms as their medium of advertising and proving to be cost effective.

It is used for wide demographics as everyone has a smartphone and reach out to people easily. You can add a shortcode and soon customers will be familiar with your brand code and will likely to respond and interact.
6 Remove Browser Injected Adds
A shopper does not likes to see pop up adds while browsing on the store. At times it is a tactic used by competitors to steal your customers.

If you set Adware blockers so they wont be able to steal your customers and will make your store free of pop up adds, videos and adult content. By not having pop up ads your brand name wont get affected and the reputation is secured.

As pop up ads will disturb the customers from seeing important content about product. It tends to annoy customers and will make them leave website and wont help in creating brand loyalty.
7 Enable Free Shipping
When there is a free shipping provided by the company, it tends to attract more customers as they wont have to pay extra money for delivery of their desired product.

Free shipping will increase customer loyalty and they will come back again to buy from your store. It also helps in increasing sales for the company. It also increases average order value. It was reported that 40% of people will tend to buy more because of free shipping.

In another report it was said 15-20% higher orders are noted without giving any promo codes due to free shipping and the cost of giving free shipping can be incurred by the average order value. It also helps you to stay competitive in the market.
8 Add Live Chat and Chat Bots
The customers will surely have questions despite a great FAQ and full description of the product. If live chats are there, it will solve the queries of the customer on the spot and they wont go to another website for shopping.

Live chats are available 24*7 and thus the queries of customers going unheard is very less which will lead to customer satisfaction and more customer engagement. Live chats will lead to omni channel experience which means they wont have to bounce from one site to another or locate new page for their issues.

This helps them to connect with support team easily and creates a stronger customer oriented relationship with the team. This helps in more automation opportunities as it will create better communication with the customer and chatbot can answer the common issues ,while the human support team can solve the issues which are complex, so in all ways customers are happy.
9 Test and Analyze your Results
To increase your conversion rates try different tactics for a time period , for eg- 15 days or a month to see what works for your store and what does not works.

It helps you to know why customers are bouncing to another site and can reduce the bounce rates.

The more you experiment, the more chances are there for your store to have increased sales.

It helps you to improve your pages and strategies to attract more visitors to your website.
10 Branded Product Page
Your brand speaks for your product. The brand signifies who do you serve, stand for and what do you do. Every part of your brand is important, from Graphics till your Customer service.

Your brand makes you unique and helps in gaining more customers and getting brand loyalty. It helps you to increase your visibility as well as your credibility.

It helps in brand equity as well. It helps in gaining customer loyalty as well.
11 Develop a Referral Program
This technique helps to achieve your target. We all have a set of referral group to whom we go to when purchasing something new.

So you need to use this idea to increase your sales. For eg- You are a fitness brand so, you put schemes like refer three friends and get one month extra in your membership for free or refer 1 friend and get 15 days diet tips from our expert dietician for free.

Customers trust referrals a lot. It helps in increasing customer engagement. It has a wider reach. It has a greater return on investment. It helps in brand recognition as well.
12 Use Social Media
Social media helps to get more engagement of customers and helps in increasing sales. It helps to get the customers know more about the product and company.

It helps you to collaborate with influencers who have huge number of followers and helps in increasing sales.

It helps you to increase brand recognition. It helps you to increase more website traffic. It helps to boost local SEO and stay ahead of competitors. It helps in lead generation as well.
13 Provide Offers and Discounts
Customers are really happy when they get discounts or offers. Offers can be getting buy 3 and get one free or providing 10% discount if pay by online modes.

It helps you to track your conversion rate. For eg, you have put a promo code for social media only, so you can see how much of your audience is via social media.

It helps you attract new customers by providing offers and also retain the old ones. It helps you to get rid of your unsold inventory. It helps you to meet your sales goal as well.
14 Enable Voice and Visual Search
Both of these help in increasing customer loyalty. Voice search makes it easier for the consumer to purchase product. Visual search is also equally important as if they see a model wearing a pretty dress and want to buy the same for themselves, they can do so by visual search.

It helps to do their search without taking break from the work they are already doing, for eg- cooking, writing etc. So both things go in hand simultaneously, because of voice search.

It helps to increase the conversion rate quickly without finding the right words to type in and make it easier for consumers also. As they can do either a voice search or visual search for the product they are looking for.
15 User Customer Reviews and Ratings
This feedback helps other consumers to know about the company and services. This helps in showing genuine experiences of consumers and the satisfaction they got after the product.

It helps you look more trustworthy to your customers because of the positive reviews and showcasing authenticity and credibility of the company.

It helps you to improve customer service by not providing the same experience which are written in bad reviews about the company. It acts as a social proof and influencing the purchase decision of the customer.

It helps to build a good reputation of the brand if they are positive reviews about the company. It has a direct impact on sales as well.
16 Create Email Marketing Campaign
This is a very effective strategy. You should have a welcome email, reminders to them, post purchase email and a product launch and company email so the customers feel special and respected.

It is best to create customized content while sending them an email in their interests and needs to attract them on your website. It is inexpensive and budget friendly for businesses.

It helps you to build a more targeted content strategy as you know which emails they best respond to and can develop the same on your website to grab attention of new visitors.

It has a global audience so more opportunities to grab and building more consumer engagement on the website.
17 Right Product Photography
The consumers cannot know the quality or touch the product but only see the product. Hence the image should be able to tell everything about the product and hence have a good image being displayed for the product.

If your images have proper meta captions, it will show on the website as well on images search and hence more opportunities for your business. The images on your website showcase your brand and build brand confidence.

If the product images are of poor quality, customers will go to other websites, leading to poor business for the website. Websites which have good quality product photography gets more clicks in comparison to ones who don’t have or have poor quality image.

An image amplifies your product and sets the first impression on your consumers. An image is better than thousand words and are more impactful than written words.