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About Project

IINTA stands for Indulge in the Arts. If you’re IINTA something new, unique, and fresh, you have landed on the right site! We are a diverse, inclusive group of people of all demographics. The idea behind IINTA is to be an ever-evolving platform that showcases entertainers, athletes, and artists of various mediums. It also features a wide variety of categories — wellness, beauty, wine, cuisine, travel, aviation, automobiles, etc.

Technology, Tools & Services

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Shopify
  • PHP
  • Rest API


Finance Planning Execution


Digital Magazine
Ecommerce Platform
Interesting Articles
Exclusive Memberships
Know More About Your Favourite Celebrities


Manage And Create Magazine In Shopify Ecommerce Store

Use Unique Templates For Blogs

Advanced Article Features

Data Maping For Blogs

Membership For Connect

Highlight Celebrities Section


Use App For Blogs As Per Requirements

Add Features In Blogs Template By Creating Unique Template

Use All Features Of App To Create Articles

Connect Blogs With Existing Builder To App

Create Feature For Membership

User Attractive And Readable Sections For Celebrities Section

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