Travel to India

Travel to India

We are a small team of passionate travellers who provide planning assistance for those who want to travel to India independently. We would love to help you put together the perfect trip of your dreams.

About Project

We provide a helping hand to those who want to travel independently, but would like some assistance with planning and turning their dream holiday into reality. With no hidden costs and a highly personalized service, we can make sure that your Indian adventure is well thought out as well as cost-effective.

Technology, Tools & Services

Frontend Technology :

  • HTML5
  • SCSS

Plugin Technology :

  • PHP

Communication Layer :

  • Rest API

Ecommerce CMS :

  • WordPress/Woocomerce


  • Plan your trip feature
  • Customise multi step form
  • customise tours packages
  • Other country tour plans
  • select activities as per city
  • manage categories vise trip


  • Add Dynamic content for all pages
  • Customise multi step form with contact form
  • Create API for packages, hotel booking list
  • Separate post as per packages
  • Facing issue to manage all activities as per city
  • All trips should connected with categories


  • Use ACF plugin for adding dynamic content for all pages
  • code for multi step for and connect with three steps form
  • Easy to manage records of hotel booking list for user and admin side
  • Use acf post to separate post as per packages
  • Create dropdown of activities as per city
  • Assign categories as per trips

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