Premium clothing wear

Premium clothing wear

Aims to provide the best product at the most reasonable price. Our extra premium dress when worn, gives a royal look making you the center of attraction in a crowd or a party.

About Project

Finnoy offers premium quality shoes at lowest prices as compared to others. The reason for only prepaid orders is that we do not want to burden the genuine customers with the courier charges for fake orders. Customers order without the intention to buy as a result the company has to bear a huge courier loss. The amount of that loss is put in the price of the product. We also believe in a sustainable world so do not want the delivery resources to be wasted servicing fake orders. We thank you in anticipation for understanding our cause

Technology, Tools & Services

Frontend Technology :

  • HTML5
  • SCSS

Plugin Technology :

  • PHP

Ecommerce CMS :

  • Shopify


  • premium essential clothing at lowest price
  • Mega menu dropdown feature
  • Add collection layout with all filters
  • customise product description layout
  • select relevant sections as per theme in home page


  • Sorting essential clothing as lowest price
  • Multiple column menu
  • Filter features in collection of color, size and price
  • Accordion feature in product detail page
  • Add section as per client requirements


  • Use theme feature for sorting functionality
  • Add mega menu feature and link to the collection menus
  • Use filter feature for collection page to select option and manage layout
  • Add app for accrodian feature in product detail page
  • Use theme feature for create unique layout for all pages

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