Industries we serve

As a leading company for web and mobile application development, we strive to achieve success with the services that we offer to our clients.

E-Commerce & Multi-Vendor

We help in developing a secure and scalable website for your online E-Commerce store as well as your Multi-vendor business. Rely on professional help from SRL Labs right now to get ahead of your competition with a responsive website.

Luxury Clothing

If you have a luxury clothing brand that you want to put on the map, there is no better place than SRL Labs to get the most responsive website for your online clothing brand. We have the best tools and technologies to provide you with optimal results.

Travel & Tourism

Looking for talented developers and the best technology to develop your Tourism website? Well, look no further because we have functional solutions for web development for those who want some help in building responsive websites.

Skin Care

We will employ the best resources and professionals for your skin care website development. Whether it is an online store or a WooCommerce store, there is no doubt that having our web development company assist you will be a great idea. 

Food & Beverage

We will develop the best web and mobile applications that are mostly focused on the ever-evolving business trends and marketing innovations. We help in creating solutions that provide maximum productivity for Food & Beverage industry. Take help from our professionals to build a scalable website right now.

Pickup & Delivery

For those who are trying to make their online presence in the Pickup & Delivery industry, SRL Labs is nothing less than a boon. We have cutting-edge as well as scalable resources to ensure the process of web and mobile app development goes in smoothly and produces the best results in the end.

Healthcare & Medical

We are a leading web development company that extends its services to transform the healthcare industry in the best way. With advanced digital resources and the best technologically-forward tools, we aim to create amazing digital solutions for the Healthcare & Medical Industry. Our solutions are aimed toward the overall development and improvement of healthcare. 

Laundry & Home Service

Do you want to establish a secured connection with your customers via an online web and mobile app for your Laundry & Home Service Business? Well, we are the ultimate help that you can ask for. Providing the most scalable solutions for the Laundry & Home Service industry, we help in building secure digital connections over your area.

Real Estate

We develop user-friendly and mobile-responsive web pages and online applications that will ensure the success and improvement of the Real Estate industry. Our professionals are well-versed with the industry requirements and strive to provide the most optimal results for our clients.

Education & Learning

Empowering education all over the world, we incorporate the best technology and cutting-edge solutions to create responsive and result-driven websites for educational institutions, training centres, e-learning platforms, online education centres, and so much more. Rely on our trustworthy services to get the best results. 


Do you want to put your transportation business on the map? Well, rely on the scalable services and technology of our web development company. We have the best digital solutions that will assist you in creating your very own transportation website to establish a name for yourself in the industry. 

Jewellery & Lifestyle 

We will help create functional and dynamic applications as well as web pages for different Jewelry stores, online lifestyle businesses and so much more. Our solutions and strategies are more than enough to meet the demands of our clients. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services. 

Pharmaceutical & Life Science

SRL Labs is one of the frontrunners in the Pharmaceutical & Life Science industry and we will help you transform your business into a powerful online segment with our functional web development solutions. Rely on our professionals to provide the best web solutions and mobile apps. 


Our company creates innovative mobile and web app solutions to meet all the needs and requirements of the booming sports industry. We have scalable solutions that are designed for the success of the client and leverage the growth of the industry in the best way. We employ the most advantageous solutions for our clients. 

Media, Entertainment & Publishing

Our dynamic and efficient web and mobile app solutions are effective enough to meet the high-end demands of the Media, Entertainment & Publishing industry. We strive to provide superior quality results and unmatchable productivity to different businesses that are related to the media world. 

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